Why Trust Us to Decontaminate Germs?

Choose Bye Bye Germs, if you hate germs as much as us. In all seriousness, though, we believe our germ-killing process is the best available in Australia, and we have the laboratory results to prove it too.


Australia's Choice for ATP Testing

Our site decontamination service is the only service which does an ATP swab test before and after cleansing. An ATP swab test measures the amount of "microorganisms" in your location.


So you can physically see the results before the decontamination and the consequences afterwards. You do not need to guess if your location is clean anymore. The swab test which we perform takes roughly 1 minute, and we will select the surfaces which are touched the most. 


Why Bye Bye Germs Should Be Your First Choice

Other reasons why you should choose Bye Bye Germs include:

  • We use Australian made disinfectants

  • Safe for use around food areas

  • TGA Approved and independent lab tested

  • Fast Call out times

  • Fast 1hour downtimes (our process is designed to be brief)

  • Non-Toxic and Eco Friendly

  • Hospital-grade cleanliness with 99.9999% germ-killing efficiency

  • The disinfectant lasts for up to 30 days to continuously keep you safe



Certification of Cleanliness

When our service is complete, your organisation will receive two documents. 


The first document is a certificate of cleanliness, which is signed and dated. This document may prove useful in instances when you need to confirm that your organisation has been pro-active and resourceful in providing a clean environment for your staff and your guests. 


The second document accompanies the first certificate. It is an audit of the state of your locations ATP bacteria levels. This document will have physical photographs taken at your location, along with dates and the readout of the bacteria levels taken before and after the site decontamination process. 

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