Why Should You Use Disinfectant Fogging?

COVID-19 has swept the world by storm. No longer is just employing regular cleaning acceptable as it does not completely eliminate germs and bacteria. What you need to be doing is utilising a proper sanitising service, like Bye Bye Germs. Here are the reasons you need to use our disinfectant fogging service.


The Heavy Cost of Infection


The rate of infection is not only affecting our personal health but also impacting the economy, job market and workplaces. Offices have been forced into remote work and certain workplaces have been temporarily shut down or even gone out of business. It is not worth risking your employee’s health with rudimentary cleaning. It is essential that you invest in bacteria-fighting solutions, like our disinfectant fogging service, to ensure your workplace remains healthy and germ-free.

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Easy and Effective

Bye Bye Germ’s decontamination services take only 1 hour to do! We utilise an Australian developed disinfectant that does not have the same lingering smells or leave a surface residue as other cleaning agents. This disinfectant service is safe around food areas, TGA approved, lab tested, non-toxic and even eco-friendly. Most of all, this disinfectant lasts for up to 30 days to continuously keep you safe.


What We Do Differently

One of the biggest differences is in our process. We start each project with an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) audit to determine the level of contaminants in an area we are fogging. We are always surprised at the high rate of germs that are present. By approaching cleaning in this way, we not only rid the area of bacteria effectively but highlight key areas of interest in your office or workplace for your future care.


Speak with the Bye Bye Germs team today to learn more about how our disinfectant fogging can provide an extra level of sanitisation to your work environment.


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