What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is an extensive cleaning process that goes beyond the daily or weekly tidy ups provided by standard cleaning services. It is important to note that deep cleaning doesn't replace standard cleaning; you should still wipe down your desks every week and take out the bins! Deep cleaning is a service that should be performed every six months in addition to regular cleaning as a way to keep your workspace free of germ and contamination buildup.

Deep Cleaning from Bye Bye Germs

Deep cleaning's goal is to remove any built-up up dirt or grime in your premises that result from everyday staff comings and goings. Deep cleaning involves thorough sanitising of visible surfaces as well as the spaces you can't see (such as under desks or below the office sink). Bye Bye Germs offers a special deep cleaning service that is perfect for use in conjunction with disinfectant fogging. Together, they offer the ultimate sanitisation solution for your workplace, public space, or education centre.

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What Gets Cleaned as Part of a Deep Cleaning Session?

Deep cleaning is an in-depth process, a natural extension of everyday cleaning. It covers thorough cleansing of all surfaces in an office or workspace, including:

  • Door handles, door frames, door fronts and backs

  • Plants/pots, picture frames, displayed trophies, cabinets

  • Desk surfaces (visible and underside), computer screens, phones, keyboards

  • Window frames, light switches, light fixtures, bookcases

  • Carpets, tiles, lino, floorboards -- all flooring

  • Chairs, shared surfaces (benches, drawers), common areas

  • Skirting boards, blinds, glass

  • Microwaves, sinks, kitchenware

  • Ceiling corners and other "unreachable" spots

Techniques Employed During Deep Cleaning

As we've established, a deep clean involves getting into every nook and cranny in your workspace to remove any surface germs, bacteria, dirt, or grime. But how exactly does Bye Bye Germs manage to get rid of these nasties?

  • Dusting: First we get all lightweight dust buildup off visible surfaces. We can't do a deeper clean until this light coverage is removed as it tends to cling and clog when using cleaning agents.

  • Vacuuming: And essential component to removing dust buildup, vacuuming gets rid of dust from your carpet. A sweep or wipe down of tiled surfaces may be utilised instead of vacuuming, to ensure no damage to your tiles.

  • Wipe Down: We use a soft cloth or brush with non-toxic disinfectant and water to wipe down individual surfaces throughout your office. This will help remove any standard bacteria or surface spillage from your regular office mishaps like spilled coffee or dirty keyboards.

  • Grime Removal: Any areas that are still showing signs of dirt buildup or germs will then be treated with a thorough clean (and scrub in applicable cases). This will involve a bit more muscle on the part of our cleaning team, but the results will be flawless. Any built-up crime will be removed with this technique.

  • Detailing: Finally surfaces areas such as skirting boards, door handles, door frames, and window sills will be detailed. These are generally the last surfaces to be cleaned because they usually kept in good condition through regular cleaning and tend to only need a touchup with disinfectant and a cloth.

Do I Still Need Disinfectant Fogging After a Deep Clean?

Disinfectant fogging is an extension of deep cleaning, just as deep cleaning is the natural next step after your standard clean. Disinfectant fogging from Bye Bye Germs will be able to remove viruses, bacteria, and germs that simply cannot be reached with normal human cleaning techniques. As good as we are at what we do, fogging can reach the tiniest of hidden surfaces and kill germs in ways we can't with a manual cleaning method. So if you are concerned about things like COVID-19, or have had a recent illness in your office and want to ensure the space is safe for your staff to return to, then disinfectant fogging may be a perfect addition to your deep cleaning from Bye Bye Germs.


Speak with our friendly team members for more information on what can be done to rid your work environment of dangerous germs and which methods may suit your exact situation.

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