Disinfection for Australian Universities

Due to the high number of students and staff, universities are plagued with contagious diseases and germs. All universities must have a comprehensive sanitisation protocol for all common areas and public spaces. Our disinfectant fogging is designed for this job, so what are you waiting for!


Student Housing


Many students live on campus and share common areas. This is known as potentially the least sanitary area as no one wants to clean a shared space. Universities traditionally do not offer routine cleaning services, but in these dire times, you should consider opting in for regular disinfection through fogging. As students spend most of their time in campus housing, ensuring this space to be clean will prevent the spread of germs to other areas of the university. Our state-of-the-art fogging technology will ensure that every living quarter in university student housing will remain germ-free.

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University Bathrooms

Classes at university go on throughout the day, so it is natural that the university is equipped with numerous bathrooms. Door handles, sinks and stalls all combine to create a breeding ground for bacteria. It is critical that these spaces are cleaned frequently and properly, through a strong disinfectant method. It takes more than to just clean germs, by removing them, you must kill germs through disinfectant and then lower their numbers through ongoing sanitisation.


University Libraries

University libraries are not just open to students, but the entire public! This makes it a campus hot spot for germs and bacteria. With all the touching of books and recreational areas, it is crucial that the library is deeply disinfected throughout the week. Do not risk the spread of infection leaving the university. Ensure that this area is safe and continues to be open to the public with our disinfectant fogging service.

If your university campus requires sanitisation speak with the Bye Bye Germs team and we can arrange germ-killing fogging to help keep your uni clean and safe for students and staff alike.

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