For spaces that measure approximately 200 square meters. Have your office, home, center or premise disinfected with the most effective germ killing process.


Have your location or site, disinfected using the safest and most comprehensive germ-killing process available in Australia via fogging. Prices include GST.


This is a must-have bacteria-killing process to prevent illnesses and pandemics. Our past experiences have shown that traditional cleaning methods, is not enough to protect staff, guests and occupants in locations properly. Trust Bye Bye Germs to get rid of bacteria. 


The quoted price for your location, for on-site fogging, will include the following services:

  • A bacteria level check for 3 separate surfaces
  • Fogging disinfection
  • A bacteria level check after the fogging disinfection.
  • A certificate with date, time and acknowledgement of the fogging service
  • A print out which contains photographs taken on site. The bacteria level displayed on the ATP check device will be on this printout.


Other ancillary costs not listed here, may include:

  • Vehicle parking costs (if required)
  • Commercial cleaning before fogging. Location may need cleaning if it has physical stains, debris, dirt and other elements. These may interfere with the effectiveness of the fogging.
  • Weekends and after-hour rates may apply.


Please note, at the moment, the Bye Bye Germs fogging service is available within NSW Australia only. We are working on bringing this process interstate to other areas.

Fogging 200sqm Home or office

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  • Our germ-killing process remains in place for up to 30 days. Over this time, germs will gradually build up at your site, especially as each day passes.

  • We guarantee all our work and will ensure the premise has a low germ level as indicated by our ATP device.

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