Government & Infrastructure Disinfection Services

Bye Bye Germs is your first choice for large-scale disinfection in government buildings or as part of larger infrastructure decontamination. Our local team is experienced with decontaminating non-standard settings and our fogging technique is ideal for the efficient cleaning of large areas that cannot be out-of-service for long periods. That's why local and state government bodies trust Bye Bye Germs to rid public facilities of nasty bacteria and germs using a reliable non-toxic, Australian-made disinfectant.

Fast, Thorough Germ Decontamination for Australia

Bye Bye Germs provides fast decontamination solutions for councils, transport hubs, and government offices across Australia. We understand that you require cleaning that destroys microorganisms quickly and without any lingering smells or residue. That's why Bye Bye Germs is the perfect choice for monthly/weekly and one-off disinfection services at Australian government sites. Our process offers:

  • A standard fast, 1-hour cleaning time

  • Fast call-0ut times to all Australian locations

  • Fogging technique employing non-toxic, Australian-made disinfectant

  • No lingering smells or surface residue

  • Full cleaning even of hard-to-reach areas

Organise germ-killing decontamination for your council offices, public halls, recreation facilities, and with the local Bye Bye Germs team. We service government and public spaces large and small using a speedy technique known as fogging so you have minimal downtime. Contact our friendly team today for pricing and further information on how we can best disinfect your site.

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