Bacteria Levels on Gym Equipment

Australians love visiting the gym as a way to keep fit and healthy. Gyms in and of themselves are fantastic resources to help individuals stay active. Still, when there's a lot of different people working up a sweat close to each other (often on shared equipment), bacteria and other microbes can begin to breed. Nasty bugs like staph, E. coli, salmonella, hepatitis A, and flu viruses can be found in gyms around the country as a result. Even with strict cleaning schedules, it can be difficult to police an enemy that you can't see. It is for this reason that Bye Bye Germs offers a fast-drying, alcohol-based fogging service for Aussie gyms and indoor sports centres.

Where Are Bacteria and Germs in Aussie Gyms?

The most popular pieces of equipment in the gym tend to be the ones that give the highest bacteria readings. Even if you do the right thing and wipe down the equipment you use when you're done, bacteria and other germs can still lurk on the underside of gear, in the corners of equipment, or on mats that aren't sprayed in full with disinfectant. Gym staff do their best to keep surfaces clean, but it is a losing battle when they have other responsibilities to attend to in addition to cleaning. No gym or indoor sports facility will be completely microbe-free, but the best way to combat germ buildup is to learn where it is likely to occur and utilise an effective treatment against it.

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Free Weights and Machines

The weight area is one of the busiest parts of the gym with people of all skill levels lifting and spotting one another. Because the weights and weight machines are handled so frequently, they tend to boast a high level of potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses. Weights also have a lot of elements that you can add and remove, each carrying its own load of microbes in the nooks and crannies you don't normally wipe down before touching.


Exercise Balls and Mats


When you use communal exercise balls and mats, you're often placing your body against areas where others have placed their bare skin before you. While gym-goers will often put down their small gym towels when using a mat, they don't tend to cover much of the surface and don't do a lot to protect the user. Similarly, exercise balls have had all manner of legs and butts on them throughout the day, so it isn't hard to imagine microbial transfer occurring on these items. If an exercise ball or mat isn't cleaned regularly, skin infection-causing bacteria and other contaminants can lurk there unchecked.


Treadmills and Exercise Bikes


Cardio machines require less close contact between the user and the device, which helps cut down on bacterial transfer considerably. However, they do still tend to carry a host of nasties on their keypad areas owing to a lack of regular wipedowns on the surfaces people don't grip.


Changing Areas and Showers


Unfortunately, the tepid temperatures found in change rooms and shower facilities create the perfect conditions for bacteria to breed. As anyone with a bathroom at home will tell you, cleaning every surface of a shower can be difficult at the best of times, let alone regularly throughout the day. Many experts advise that you shower at home because the risk of contracting athlete's foot, warts, and ringworms in a gym shower is so high!


What Will Bye Bye Germs Do to Help?

Bye Bye Germs understands that Aussie gyms do everything they can to minimise germ and bacteria spread. Still, with so many clients visiting and staff having limited time throughout the day, it can be difficult to stay on top of the bugs that end up on gym equipment. Part of the problem is that even when normal cleaning protocols are followed, some areas on the equipment will be difficult to reach (the tops of tall machines and the undersides of weight devices, for example).


Bye Bye Germs provides a solution to this problem -- we use disinfectant fogging to reach even the tough spots in gyms a physical wipedown simply cannot access. Our disinfectant is non-toxic and Australian-made, but highly efficient at killing germs, bacteria, and viruses. Because the fogging disinfectant we offer to gyms is alcohol-based, it also dries quickly without the need for excessive wiping, saving gym staff considerable time and effort that they can invest back in their everyday tasks instead.

If you run a gym, speak to the Bye Bye Germs team today to learn more about the disinfectants we use, our fogging services, and the special prices we can offer Aussie gyms.


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