Decontamination Fogging vs. Regular Cleaning

Many of the clients we encounter here at Bye Bye Germs say,  'We already get a cleaner in a couple of times a week, why do we need decontamination fogging as well? Are you saying our cleaners aren't doing their job?' Our response is simply that these are different techniques designed to deal with different problems. Your regular surface cleaners may be the best in the world, but they can't reach and decontaminate surfaces in the same way that fogging can. Similarly fogging isn't designed to remove stains or surface dust, like standard cleaning techniques. Fogging and surface cleaning actually complement each other perfectly!


Think of decontamination fogging as a new, essential part of your workplace hygiene routine. Once you've had surfaces wiped down and floors vacuumed the next step is fogging, to safely and easily kill off bacteria and other germs still lurking in the air and on hard-to-reach surfaces.

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A Do I Really Need Both?

If you want to ensure your work environment is free of bacteria and germs then yes, you should speak with the Bye Bye Germs team about disinfectant fogging services. We can provide a one-off cleansing before your team returns to work or a monthly disinfection routine in addition to your existing cleaning services for added hygiene in a post-COVID-19 Australia. Whether you work in a regular office or a government building, fogging as a new addition to your workplace hygiene is an effective way to keep dangerous germs at a minimum around your staff, clients, and visitors.

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