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Our Bye Bye Germs subdivision is designed to disinfect all germs in accordance with the standards set by the Department of Health. Here is a short FAQ on questions you may have for this service.


What disinfect do we use for cleaning?

At Bye Bye Germs we utilise an eco-friendly Australian-made disinfectant. This disinfectant has been internationally certified through the laboratory testing body Silliker and is TGA certified in Australia.


How long do we clean for?

Our Bye Bye Germs specialist cleaners disinfect your office for 1 hour.


How do we ensure every spot in your office is clean?

As we use a fogging disinfectant, billions of germ-killing microparticles are dispersed into the air, settling on every area of the office. This ensures that frequently and minimally touched surfaces are all covered and disinfected.

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Is bleach an appropriate alternative solution?

Despite the Department of Health providing guidelines on how to use bleach as a disinfectant solution, we strongly oppose this. Bleach is an incredibly harmful chemical that leaves a nasty smell and may permanently damage surfaces. There is also no indication of how much bleach to use during cleaning.


How is our service different to standard cleaners?

The simple answer is that even the best routine cleaner cannot reach every contaminated surface in an office. With airborne contagions, who knows where a COVID-19 particle may land. This is why our state-of-the-art fogging method sterilises your entire office, ensuring that no germs survive.


Additionally, we start with a site inspection to test swap key areas of the office and assess the bacteria levels. This gives you a good indication of key areas you may need to clean regularly to maintain the safety of your office.


Is our cleaning service safe to be around?

Our disinfectant requires minimal safety equipment for our cleaning specialists as the disinfectant is non-toxic. Although, we still recommend vacating the office during cleaning and leaving the disinfectant to settle for one hour after.


Are our cleaning staff protected while disinfecting?

As this method of disinfecting requires an individual to carry a backpack containing the cleaning solution and a fogging gun, there is little to no chance that the individual will have to physically touch any surfaces. Although, we still require staff to wear protective masks and gloves.

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