Other Essential Hygiene Steps

Even if you use our disinfectant fogging, it is important that you continue to uphold proper hygiene practices. Simple everyday techniques will benefit your health as well as the health of your friends, family and co-workers. Here are great hygiene steps that you should regularly perform.


Correct Handwashing Technique


Handwashing should be done regularly throughout the day although there is a correct procedure that should be followed:

  1. Wet hands with water.

  2. Apply a generous amount of soap.

  3. Rub the soap in our palms evenly.

  4. Rub the back of each hand with your other palm with your fingers interlocked.

  5. Repeat for your other hand.

  6. Rub your fingers whilst interlocked.

  7. Rub the backs of your fingers with your opposing hand with fingers interlocked.

  8. Rub each thumb clasped in the opposite hand using a rotating motion.

  9. Rub the tips of your fingers into the opposite palm.

  10. Clean your wrists.

  11. Rinse your hands with water and avoid touching your face afterwards.

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Regular Cleaning

You should undergo everyday routine cleaning to maintain the cleanliness of your workspace or home. Essential items like laptops, keyboards, phones, and tables, should be cleaned every day with a disinfecting wipe. Due to the constant touching of these items and areas, it is likely that germs could be easily passed, especially in an office environment.


Staying At Home When Sick

COVID-19 has made it an incredibly tough time for many Australian workers as well as the economy. However, it is imperative that you stay home when you are sick as to not infect other people in your office. At the very least, try to cover your mouth whilst sneezing or coughing as to not spread germs. This may seem like common sense, but we must take proactive steps to deny the spread of disease.


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