Why On-Site Germ Testing is Essential

Before beginning the disinfectant fogging process, the Bye Bye Germs team will run an ATP test in your workplace to determine just how many nasty microbes are lurking about.

What is an ATP Test?

An ATP test notes the level of adenosine triphosphate (ATPs) in an environment using a specially designed testing device and kit. ATPs are part of the building blocks of life and when you have a high level of ATPs in a workplace environment it is generally a sign that you have a lot of microbes (including germs and bacteria) lurking about.

Why do an ATP Test Before Fogging?

We offer on-site germ and bacteria audits using our ATP testing device because it is important to determine the level of contaminants in an area before we begin fogging. If you're lucky, you might have negligible levels of microbes present and not need any decontamination. Still, we often find that not only do most working environments have plenty of microbes, but they can easily have a lot more germs present than we might expect. Because we can't see these tiny little pollutants with our eyes, the only way to accurately assess your premises is by running a scientific test using an ATP auditing device like the ones we use at Bye Bye Germs.

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What Happens After We Test?

Once we test your office or work area using our ATP device, the Bye Bye Germs team will show you the results of the test. If microbe levels are high, we will recommend urgent disinfectant fogging at your location. If your microbe levels are low, we will suggest regular testing to ensure these standards are maintained.

How Does Fogging Help Reduce Bacteria Levels?

If you've discovered through the Bye Bye Germs germ audit that your workplace is unfortunately full of yucky bacteria and bugs, how does our disinfectant fogging help correct this issue? The disinfectant we use in our fogging devices kills bacteria using non-toxic chemicals in a low-irritant mixture perfectly suited to Australian workplaces. The fogging method we use ensures that our sanitising disinfectant reaches every surface in your work environment, including the underside of furniture and tall shelving that standard cleaning cannot reach.

However, the real proof is in the second test we run after completing the sanitising process which shows you in cold, hard numbers just how many invisible nasties our fogging has removed from your premises. You can trust Bye Bye Germs to thoroughly test and disinfect any workplace in NSW. Contact us for more information on booking a germ audit today.

Watch Our Testing Process

Bacteria auditing is simple with Bye Bye Germs, watch the video below to see just how quick and easy it is!

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