Sanitisation for Public Spaces in NSW

As we start to move back out into the community across NSW, public spaces have become a hot spot for infection. It is imperative that key public locations are kept disinfectant and accessible for all. Here are a few notable areas that would definitely benefit from our fogging sanitisation services.


Town Halls


Town Halls generally have a lot of foot traffic throughout the days, especially as people travel to and from work. Certain town halls, such as Sydney’s Town Hall, also have shopping and dining inside which adds to the necessity of having these areas properly sanitised. It is critical that we keep these areas clean to ensure they stay open to the public

Train Stations

Train stations have become the number one breeding ground for COVID-19. With the surge of people travelling to and from stations around NSW, it is no surprise that these areas are in need of consistent sanitisation. By utilising our fogging technology, you can stay rest assured that despite having such a high volume of people moving through the stations each day, they will be clean.

train station public area.jpg

Recreation Centres

After a long week of working from home, some of us just need to leave the house and hang out at a recreational centre. It is crucial that frequented recreational centres are clean so that people can relax without the need to worry about the risk of infection. This will involve sterilising all the items in the recreational centre, which can be quite a mammoth task. Fortunately for you, our disinfectant fogging machines can do this with ease.


Local Libraries

With individuals being sick of staying at home, many have moved to do their work or studying at local libraries. Our disinfectant fogging machines can get into every nook and cranny, disinfectant every book, and clean the whole public space effectively. No need to worry about germ-ridden books being returned!

If you are a local government body don't hesitate to reach out to the Bye Bye Germs team for more information on non-toxic, effective disinfection services for the public spaces you maintain.

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