Why Should You Use Disinfectant Fogging?

Keeping germ-free after an illness is just as important as keeping germ-free before an illness. This is especially true if you share a workspace with other employees or staff. If one of your staff members has been recently ill, it is essential that you consider effectively disinfecting your office. Here are the reasons why it is necessary to disinfect after an individual has been sick.


Fogging After Workplace Illnesses


If someone has come down with an illness or virus in your workplace, you should strongly consider utilising our disinfectant fogging to sterilise your office. If that employee was in contact with the workspace it is likely that there are residual germ traces left on popular areas such as keyboards, phones, tables and a lot more! With our simple disinfecting procedure, you can rest assured that your workplace will remain germ-free.

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An Investment For Your Staff

Utilising our disinfectant fogging is an investment for your workplace, yourself and more importantly your staff. If your office area is shared by a lot of people, it is only a matter of time before someone else catches the same illness or virus. After our fogging, you will have 30 days of continuous protection to ensure that your office space remains germ-free.


Easy and Reliable

Thanks to the easy use of our disinfectant fogging, you do not need to worry about a disruption to your office time or working environment. We offer a fast call out to minimise the time for bacteria to spread. The procedure itself only takes an hour and will thoroughly disinfectant a room without leaving a foul odour or toxic residue.


Speak with the Bye Bye Germs team today to learn more about how our disinfectant fogging can give you an extra level of reassurance after an illness in the workplace.


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