Disinfection That Meets Australian Guidelines

Bye Bye Germs is proud to offer fast, non-toxic workplace disinfection that adheres to government guidelines and compliments your regular cleaning schedule. We use fogging to administer our sanitising formula to even hard-to-reach surfaces such as ceilings and under desks, ensuring all areas of your work environment are covered. Our disinfectant eliminates 99.9999% of harmful bacteria and kills nasty enveloped viruses like coronavirus.

We visit your workplace and run an ATP test to see just how many microbes are lurking on surfaces around the office. If the concentration is high, we will recommend a full fogging disinfection service take place in addition to your regular cleaning. The disinfectant we use is certified for use against viral pathogens such as COVID-19 surrogates like feline and bovine coronavirus. So you can be confident that our sanitisation process is truly effective where it counts.

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Doing The Right Thing For You

The NSW Government COVID-19 Safety Plan requires workplaces to provide clean workstations (including equipment such as phones and keyboards) and common areas for staff. The disinfectant used for this process must also be of appropriate strength. Per these guidelines, we use proven active disinfectants to rid all surfaces of harmful microbes, including those areas that are hard-to-reach.

For workplaces without a standard cleaning routine, we also offer a deep cleaning service that will take care of both standard cleaning AND a full disinfection fogging service for a discounted price. This offer extends to all states and territories, not just NSW.


You can trust Bye Bye Germs to provide a quality sanitisation service for your workplace that is based on the government's guidelines for safe workplace disinfection. Help protect your staff and secure your assets with Bye Bye Germs today.

Reference: https://www.nsw.gov.au/sites/default/files/2020-06/Covid-19-safety-plan-general.pdf

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