I Tried Cleaning with Bleach and this Happened

Everyone would have heard of bleach. Not everyone may have used it themselves to clean though. I have, and I can share with you that it is not pleasant. The fact is though, bleach is used every day, by many commercial cleaners, and that is not a good thing.

Why Use Bleach?

Bleach kills germs, bacteria, and viruses, including the Corona Virus. However, at what cost? Bleach is cheaper than water. The plastic bottle that holds liquid values more. Bleach comes at an extremely high cost to health as well as furnishings within your location.

I Used Bleach; This is What Happened

Before I started Ava Safe, I used bleach to clean. The results were astonishingly toxic. Allow me to begin with the smell. The smell is indescribable. It is incredibly intense, pungent and unlike anything that you will ever smell. I have seen bleach used in food preparation areas. The smell alone permeates and penetrates everything. When I used bleach, the smell made me want to throw up. My throat tightened up, and it was clear my body was violently reacting to the scent. In areas with low airflow, bleach is hazardous.

Secondly, let me talk about getting it on your skin. You can't. You get it on your skin, and you need to wash immediately. Bleach is an acid; it destroys your skin. Splash it in your eye, and you will have significant health complications. On surfaces that I used it to clean, I noticed that sheens on surfaces deteriorate. Leathers, vinyl, painted wood surfaces, stone surfaces all are adversely affected.

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A Problem I Encountered

Not regularly discussed in official Australian government regulations in cleaning, is how much bleach to use. Try 5% bleach concentrated bleach with water, is unlikely to kill many germs. Use 10%? Then this may be extremely harmful. Using bleach after my experience, was terrible, which is why Bye Bye Germs, does not use bleach or bleach-based disinfectants.

Do you know what is in your disinfectant for your commercial location or office? Ask your supplier for an ingredient list. I will be posting up an article shortly on what sneaky names some have been using to mask the fact that they use bleach in the list of ingredients.

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