Childcare Disinfection

Other than hospitals and restaurants, there possibly may not be another location that requires health and safety as important as child care centres. In even the best of circumstances, children are susceptible to germs already. In a pandemic, such as COVID19 it has meant the importance for disinfection is as vital as ever.


The Official Australian Government Response to COVID19 for Child Care


According to the official Australian government response to COVID19, children are more likely to have a milder illness, and incredibly some may not have any symptoms.


For a full description on the official government stance on COVID19 relating to childhood education, please refer to their website here:


One of the critical points, which is of significance to our business, as stated by the Australian Government, is:


"Ensure robust infection control and Cleaning and routine environmental cleaning procedures are in place. In response to a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, the service should follow existing protocols for Cleaning and disinfection for outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness/gastroenteritis outbreaks. "


Bye Bye Germs Disinfection Service


We offer two services.


Our first service is disinfection of a child care centre via fogging using a disinfectant which has been tested to kill the Corona Virus. The disinfectant used is called Zoono and is amongst only a few products which are certified by the Australian TGA to destroy the Corona Virus.


Fogging is a process we recommend to complement existing manual (also known as mechanical) Cleaning, where surfaces are repeatedly wiped down with bleach or recognised disinfectants. 


Here at Bye Bye Germs, we do not use bleach, due to the known side effects, corrosiveness and personal harm that is done by bleach.


The fogging process is very potent because all surfaces which are hard to reach will be treated and disinfected. This includes areas such as:


  • Floors

  • Walls

  • High reaching locations

  • Low reaching locations

  • Small unreachable sections


Bye Bye Germs Deep Cleansing Service

The second service, we offer is deep cleansing. Our deep cleansing combines both:


A) Mechanical Cleaning (wiping down of surfaces with disinfectants).




B) Site disinfection fogging.


Using our deep cleaning methods, we ensure all high touch areas are appropriately cleansed.



About both our Services

With both our services, we provide you with:


1) A Disinfected Certificate, which is signed and dated (useful as proof to guests, staff, but also useful for insurance purposes and potentially litigation purposes as well)


2) An on-site before and after microorganism measurement. We measure the level of organisms present scientifically, so you have a higher probability of knowing you are safe.

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