Case Study 1 : Office Fogging Disinfection

So early this month, we had an office fogging process done to an office in Martin Place in the middle of the CBD area here in Sydney, Australia. As we have always said in the past, the office disinfectant process that we provide is to complement existing commercial cleaners. It does not replace commercial cleaning. Our method offers an in-depth germ cleansing process that commercial cleaning may never replace.

The Start-Process (Site inspection)

We arrived at the office a little late. Surprisingly there was traffic on Sydney roads. So we quickly got up and running, by firstly inspecting and confirming the locations of smoke detectors. As the process releases a fine mist into the air, a typical smoke detector may detect the presence of a fire incorrectly.

On this instance, the smoke alarm was identified and sealed off. Easy!


The Second Process

The fun bit, we choose 3 commonly used spaces, that may potentially attract more germs. These are high touch areas. Some of the places we checked had unsurprisingly, high bacteria readings, i.e., kitchen areas. While others had a surprisingly low bacteria count. The boardroom table should have been high, but in real fact, it was very low.


The Third Process

Work beings! We use this particular fogging machine, that spits out an incredibly fine sharp mist into the air. This mist will land onto surfaces, to kill off germs and disinfect surfaces. It's a heavy backpack that contains all the magical disinfectant that we use. So we had a rather big bloke do it.


The Drying Process

The entire process for the office took about 15 minutes. Afterwards, we allowed the solution to dry overnight. (It was after hours, but usually, an hour is enough).

Final Step

The final step, involved us taking another measurement to check for micro-organism levels. As expected, our magic worked. All surfaces were returned to original brand new levels, with a bacteria count between 4 - 50 (down from 455 in some instances).


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