Compliment Your Disinfectant Fogging

Just because you have successfully utilised our disinfectant fogging, it is essential that you continue to maintain your office space as clean as possible. Here are essential things you should be doing every day to minimise germs in your workspace.


Wash Your Hands


Washing your hands is a fast and easy way to minimise germs. We all do this every day, but it is important that we do so thoroughly and properly. You should scrub your hands vigorously for at least 20 seconds with antibacterial soap, covering every nook and cranny. More importantly, refrain from touching your face after.

Social Distancing

Despite restrictions becoming lax in Australia, it is still encouraged to maintain a safe distance from other individuals. This should especially be applied to an office setting where workers are closely huddled in a small space. Try to separate your desk or even create barriers to prevent unnecessary interaction and contamination.

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Sanitise Key Workspace Areas


Areas such as kitchens, shared desks, keyboards, mice and telephones all traditionally have a higher bacteria percentage. These areas must be sterilised with simple bacteria wipes regularly to fight against the spread of germs. Try to limit hot-desking and be cautious as to how your interaction with the office affects others.


Maintain a Healthy Diet and Sleep Schedule

This may fly under the radar for most, but it is important to take of yourself outside of the office as well. Eating properly and sleeping well will benefit your body’s immune system to combat any infections or diseases. It is even recommended to take vitamin C tablets for a healthy boost to your immune system. Similarly, as flu season is upon us, a flu shot, or vaccine is a must. 

Spread Awareness and Educate Your Office

Simply doing these activities yourself will not be enough. Encourage your co-workers, friends and family to do the same to maintain a germ-free working environment. With these tips, we will surely beat this pandemic.

If you have any tips and tricks you'd like to share with the Bye Bye Germs team, feel free to contact us today.

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