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About us: The Story

The Bye Bye Germs story comes from Australia. We are a business that specialises in busting germs. Germs are hated in this business. Especially the nasty ones such as Staph, Salmonella, E-coli, Listeria, MRSA, Vancomycin and of course the Corona Virus.

In an office, public space or any given location, what may seem to be clean, may, in fact, be filthy with germs. Every team member in our business has either been directly affected by germs or has a close family member affected by bacteria. This is our story, and why we hate infections so much.

We have also learnt that regular commercial cleaning is not enough to keep germs away. COVID 19 has proven the traditional way of merely wiping down a surface is not enough. Bacteria is strong and lingers a long time on surfaces.
So we decided to start our own business, to help and complement regular commercial cleaning.

Bye, Bye Germs is part of the Ava Safe Group. Ava Safe is a business that specialises in thermal technology equipment to protect people from pandemics and germs.

A Message from the founder

Growing up in Australia, I am used to touching surfaces, playing in parks and even up until recently, I believed in the 3-second rule. (for those who do not know, the 3-second rule, means you have 3 seconds to pick up dropped food, off the ground before it gets infected with germs). Today though, I no longer can risk eating dropped food, and the risk of getting extremely sick through the simple act of rubbing my eye is no laughing matter. Such is the incredible danger that germs pose to us. The Coronavirus has hammered that home.

So I decided to act and do something about it, to help my community and other businesses get on track and create a safe environment. After much time and effort investigating ways to destroy germs comprehensively the company "Bye Bye Germs, by Ava Safe," was born.

For this reason, I have assembled an Australian team, to source proven methods to dispense billions of germ-killing particles into the air using fogging. Using a safe disinfectant, to sanitise locations, I welcome you to call the team and me to see how we can assist you in ridding Australia of germs, one site at a time, starting with yours.

I wish you and your family good health and safety.

Wendy Lee
(Proud Australian and Germ Hater)


Bye Bye Germs (by Ava Safe)

Telephone: 02 9223 7777  |  Email:

Suite 309 / 109 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

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