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Commercial Disinfection & Sanitising Services

Bye Bye Germs are local specialists in comprehensive site decontamination. Our service will comprehensively destroy germs and viruses in a safe and eco-friendly way for all offices, schools, commercial sites and public places. We have engineered a process to distribute billions of germ-killing particles all around your commercial premises. Indoor or outdoor, we cater to all types of setups.  With our decontamination process, you can genuinely say bye-bye to all those nasty germs and hello to a refreshed and safe working environment.

Key Benefits:

  • New Zealand made, Australian operated

  • Continuous Protection up to 30 Days  (Even after routine cleaning applications!)

  • Kills 99.99% of Germs, Bacteria & Viruses incl. Coronavirus

  • Powerful against Germs; Gentle and Safe on Touch Points

  • TGA Registered & Certified

  • Supported by over 100 Independent Laboratory Tests

Is Our Site Decontamination Safe?

Yes, our site decontamination is 100% safe. The disinfectant liquid utilised in the process contains no toxins. Do we have proof of that? You bet! The disinfectants we use have undergone:

  • Independent laboratory testing

  • TGA certification in Australia

  • Certified to kill the Corona Virus


Our disinfectants were initially developed to meet the high standards of the food industry. When you can't risk nasty germs or bacteria in your work environment, but also don't want to compromise on the safety of adults and children alike, our EarthEcco disinfectant is the solution you can trust.


Australia Wide Disinfection Services

Our service extends to all cities and regional locations across Australia. Speak with our team today to book a fogging session today.

Private Spaces We Disinfect


Private spaces, facilities and offices stand to benefit the most from disinfection services. Locations which we provide service to include:


  • Hotels and motels

  • Commercial Offices

  • Retail locations

  • Restaurants, food courts, Bars, cafes

  • Shopping precincts, centres and stores

  • Food processing factories and plants

Public Spaces We Disinfect


Government and general public spaces also stand to benefit from disinfection services to protect staff and guests:

  • School classrooms and playgrounds

  • Colleges and Universities

  • Healthcare centres

  • Public Infrastructure (libraries, trains, buses, trams)

  • Entertainment precincts

  • Event halls, convention centres

  • Government buildings & facilities

FREE Micro Organism Check

Book a free on-site check of the bacteria levels in your office, public space or commercial area. Why guess how clean your area is. Find out by contacting us, and one of our team members will come to you to do a swab test. Using our ATP device, we will put into numbers, how many organisms live within high touch areas around your location.

Get Peace of Mind Today! for Free!

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Get Your Free Bacteria Level Check

Commercial Cleaning

Do you also need commercial cleaning for your premise? You can trust Bye Bye Germs to deliver good results, at reasonable prices. Our commitment is to provide you and your organisation with a germ-free environment, consistently and safely. Our standards and quality are high. We do not like pandemics, like COVID-19 and we do not like germs.

Deep Cleaning

We offer deep cleaning as a service. Every single surface will be wiped down mechanically and finished with our disinfectant fogging process. Find out more about our deep cleaning process.

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